Portfolio & Program Management

Envisioning and Scope Control Services

We take a pragmatic approach to scoping focusing our attention on the 'end game' or outcomes you are trying to achieve before establishing monitoring and control practices. We are experienced in developing Results Chains and Benefits Profiles using Logical Framework Analysis to specify Programs and Projects once the priorities and tranching are agreed. Depending on your needs and location, we can either directly provide these services or broker this service on your behalf via one of our trusted partners.


We can then work to provide you with a governance framework that enables you to link your projects to the outcomes, monitor progress towards the outcomes and ensure any changes or risks are assessed primarily with a focus on the outcomes. We can assist you identify the most appropriate members for your Program/Project Boards, can facilitate board member inductions and support you establishing a strong governance capability.

Project, Program and Portfolio Management Office Services

Our Project Office services begin with ensuring your projects have realistic and appropriate schedules and that your Project Managers can effectively plan, progress and report on time, effort and cost. We then work with you to establish risk management and reporting capabilities before establishing solid change, exception and records management practices. 


We are strong supporters of a product-driven approach to planning and can facilitate product breakdown, product flow and methodology tailoring workshops to inform your project plans and schedule. 


Our team are extremely experienced in supporting the use of Microsoft Project Server within a PRINCE2 envirornment. 

Our Program Office services can provide you with program-level risk management, reporting, resource management and CAPex/OPex budget management practices providing a linkage between projects and your organisational finance and business systems. Depending on the systems you use, we can support either manual or electronic integration.


We also strongly recommend you work with us to establish a vendor management capability to ensure external resourcing, services and products are delivered and that vendor performance is managed.


Our team are extremely experienced in supporting the use of Microsoft Project Online within an MSP environment.

Once you have established the core capabilities of project and program management, we would be excited to work with you to establish portfolio management practices. This initially involves selection and tailoring of the P3O framework components and establing a prioritised set of work packages.


We can establish a pipeline process for you through which desired projects can be progressed, assessed, categorised and presented to the appropriate governance bodies for approval and scheduling. We can support you with preparing Concept Briefs and Business Cases. 


We take your resource management to the next level leveraging Microsoft Project Online to forecast your future resource needs, manage your skills and enable you to model your portfolio to maximise the utilisation of your resources.